Web Site Agreement

Please read the Web Site Agreement

1. Parties: This contract is by and between your company, hereafter “Client”, and Local Website Designs, hereafter “Company,” for the purpose of developing Web site.2. Relationship: Company is acting as an independent contractor, and is not acting as an employee of Client.

3. Payment: Payment for website shall be paid in full $495 at the time of the Agreement acceptance and purchasing on the Order page .

4. Time Frame: Client and Company agree to work together diligently toward the completion of this project. Client understands that the timeliness of needed materials (photos, logos, text) that should be provided within 7 days of original payment, changes made to the original work specifications, may impact the completion. Up to three (3) revisions are allowed free of charge and must be requested within 7 days of delivery of the completed project. These revisions shall only include editing work that already exists including photo or text update. Any additional work will be charged at the standard rate of $40 per hour.

5. Copyrights: Client hereby unconditionally guarantees that all text, graphics, photos, trademarks, designs and any other materials provided to Company by the Client are either owned by the Client or used by permission of the owners of said materials. Similarly, Company warranties that all graphics and text used in the construction of the website are either owned by the Client or used with Client’s permission.

6. Disclaimer: Regardless of the service provider(s) chosen,  Local Website Designs is not responsible for quality or reliability of any Internet Service Provider. Company does not warrant that the operation of this website will be uninterrupted or without error, due to Browser software, Internet Service Providers limitations, dysfunction of hosting company’s servers or domain name(s) expiration.

7. Website Features included in the base price:

– Consultation – 1.5 hours of consultation time, in which Company shall determine Client’s needs and goals.
– Custom Graphics – Company can provide original graphic elements and layout of website pages when the Custom Website product is chosen.

8. Website Features NOT included in the base price:

-Copy Writing or Editing – Copy needed for the site should be prepared by the Client or copywriter, proofed for spelling & grammar before submitting it to Company to add to the website.
-Company Logo
-Register of Domain Name(s), Purchase of Hosting Package, Purchase of Shopping Cart, Hosting can be provided to client for extra cost.
-Extensive Redoes (over 3) – It’s recommended that the Client has some basic ideas of the desired site in color scheme, content, layout (it’s helpful to have printouts or urls to similar sites in color, layout, etc.)
-Flash Technology – Basic Flash can be provided for product portfolios or slide show type enhancements. Hourly fees are charged in addition to the basic per page rate.
-Advanced Marketing – can be provided at extra cost
-Extensive Royalty-Free Photo Library – Good design usually incorporates photos and is a regular addition of Company’s creations both hard copy and web. If photos are needed and can be provided from this library, it is included in the cost.
-Keywords – Basic additions of meta tags, keywords & phrases that describe your product, service, company, etc are added to html code. Client is responsible to provide Company pertinent information that may not be included in the content of the site or readily known by Company. –

9. Sole Agreement: The agreement contained in this Website Contract constitutes the sole agreement between Local Website Designs and the Client regarding this site.