Google April 21st BIG announcement







It’s official. This change will affect mobile searches worldwide and will have a significant impact in Google’s search results. Essentially, if your site isn’t “mobile friendly” (ie doesn’t look good on cell phones or other smaller screens), according to Google, your rankings will suffer.

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After reading this Google April 21s BIG announcement below, here are a 2 suggestions:

1 - Mobile Friendly Design

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 Google April 21s BIG announcement

“Mobile-Friendliness” as a ranking signal

On April 21st Google’s new search engine algorithm will start rewarding sites that are mobile friendly with better rankings…and sites that aren’t mobile friendly will suffer.

Getting a site mobile friendly is something you can do very quickly.The people who take the time to make sure they’re Google mobile friendly are going to be the ones capitalizing on their competitors starting April 21st.


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Google Will Reward Mobile Friendly Sites




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Mobile-Friendliness test on Google site: