Engaging Your Customers with Mobile Apps


One of the best benefits of having your very own Mobile App for your business is the ability to more easily engage your customers. This can be done through Push Notifications (similar to text notifications), through promoting your social networks by offering special promotions, providing feedback forms and other various ways. When someone downloads your mobile app, they pretty much have it with them wherever they go since most people

5 Reasons YOUR Business NEEDS a Mobile App

5 Reasons Your Business Needs an App

1. Your Customers Will Thank You For It Unless you’ve been in hiding you know that smartphones are on the rise.  Just look at the television.  Smartphone after smartphone after smart phone.  Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phones… You just can’t escape it.  While most people dislike change, we as business owners need to be on the forefront of change to stay ahead of our competition and look out for new

The App Marketplaces – Apple Vs Android


Making a decision on which operating system on which to have your app developed  takes some consideration.  Without doubt the two with most to offer are Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android. But which of the two give the user the best experience and keeps them happily using your app.  Let’s take a look! Volume -  The App Store  is the clear winner when it comes to volumn, range and diversity. 

Marketing Your Mobile App For Massive Downloads


Somebody once said, “If you build it, they will come”.  This may have filled a baseball field but it never got traffic to a website and it won’t get downloads for you app either, not without a solid marketing plan.  Building your app is stage one in reaching your target audience in a way that puts you in their hands 24/7 but following up with a marketing strategy for your

Oh No, My Competitor’s Got An App – How To Avoid Being Crushed By Your Competition


So it finally hits you. You’ve likely got a smartphone or at least know someone that does, and you’ve undoubtedly heard AT&T’s catch phrase, “There’s an app for that”, but you may not have realized how important it is to have an app for YOUR business… Until the day you find out that your competitor has one. As a business owner with so many other things on their mind, it’s